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5 things that make Cancun Sailing catamarans cool

Best boat tours to Isla Mujeres in Cancun

Do you know why Cancun Sailing catamarans are the best option for a private charter or a tour to Isla Mujeres? Read on and find out the 5 things that make our catamarans one of the most special boats in Cancun!

Before you begin, imagine this scenario:

Woman sitting on the catamaran's trampoline

You are a traveler interested in embarking on the Caribbean Sea to Isla Mujeres. You notice that there are many options for boats and you are just looking for that special element that will make you make the right decision. Then you realize that Cancun Sailing catamarans have "that" you were looking for.

When you decide to board a Cancun Sailing catamaran, you will not only live a memorable experience in the Caribbean, but you will also enjoy a first-class service while contributing to the well-being of the ecosystem and society. 

Do you know how we do that? 👇 Take a look at the 5 points that make us very special.

Solar panels

Panales solares en un catamarán de Cancun Sailing

Simply put, solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. Thanks to this energy, the boats become self-sustaining to generate light and sound. This important feature has many advantages, such as:

  • It is renewable. The energy coming from the sun does not run out.
  • It does not pollute. Obtaining energy from the sun does not generate pollutants.
  • It extends the life of the batteries of the boats up to 60% by reducing their use. Fewer batteries equal less pollution.
  • Decreases the use of diesel-powered engines and therefore also the gas emissions.

At the moment, 25 Cancun Sailing boats have solar panels and the number is increasing, intending to have a fleet powered by sustainable energy.

Waste extraction pump

Waste extraction pump

Talking about such waste is a topic that not everyone is willing to discuss, but we think it is important for you to know this.

Unlike other sailboat and catamaran companies, Cancun Sailing has a wastewater extraction system to ensure responsible waste disposal. The extraction pump collects what was generated in the restrooms and then connects to the city's sewage system for proper disposal.

Organic waste from boats (which is usually dumped at sea) and the use of sunscreen are major pollutants to marine life. Therefore, investment in extraction systems that ensure the well-being of our seas is something worth highlighting.

Blue Flag

Cancun Sailing Sailor with the Blue Flag

And speaking of highlighting, something that Cancun Sailing's catamarans carry with pride is their Blue Flag.

Blue Flag is an international certification program for beaches, marinas, and boats in the correct management of their resources to take care of the environment. This program was born in the Netherlands in 1981 and since then has spread around the world, generating a positive impact and rewarding the excellence of companies, beaches, and marinas that comply with environmental care criteria.

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After going through the process to obtain a Blue Flag certification, Cancun Sailing has 31 certified vessels, helping Mexico position itself as the country with the most Blue Flag awards in the American continent and the tenth worldwide.

Engine maintenance

Catamaran engine overhaul

Before explaining this point, you need to know that catamarans are hybrid boats that move with sails and also engines, and like any machine with an engine, breakdowns can happen.

Generally, when boat engines fail, the parts are sent to be repaired as many times as necessary to continue operating. In the particular case of Cancun Sailing, instead of repairing part by part when damaged, the engine is replaced in its entirety. 

Thanks to this practice, we reduce the risk of engine failure, which means that the catamarans will generate fewer pollutants and will be safer for sailing.

Diversity of boats

Cancun Sailing's fleet adapts to the needs of the guests by offering boats of different capacities and price ranges. In the catamaran inventory, you will find capacities ranging from 9 to 100 passengers. You will also find catamarans that offer regular service and those that offer Privilege service, such as the Fountaine Pajot, Victoria.

Cancun Sailing catamarans at sunset

This diversity makes it easier to find the ideal catamaran for you to live a unique (and budget-friendly) experience.

And that's how we end this list! Remember that these characteristics, as small as some of them may seem, hide behind them a lot of work, effort, and time on the part of many people.

What do you think about the 5 things that make Cancun Sailing catamarans great? We hope this post has been of your interest! Before you go, leave us your comment or suggestion in the box below, and we'll see you in the next blog post.

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