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                                      Cancun Sailing Empresa Socialmente Responsable

                                      3 min read

                                      Cancun Sailing: Socially Responsible Company

                                      This 2022, Cancun Sailing obtains the distinction of Socially Responsible Company (SRE by its acronym in Spanish) for the first year. Learn about the actions and standards that led us to get this important distinction.

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                                      5 min read

                                      HAPPY WORLD BEACH DAY!

                                      On this special day, environmental awareness is the way!

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                                      encuentro caribe

                                      2 min read

                                      First Encounter for the Mexican Caribbean

                                      On June 26, 2021, during the month of the oceans, Cancun Sailing held its First Meeting For the Mexican Caribbean where 6 professionals in the marine field, media, and staff of the company, set sail to express their experiences, opinions, and knowledge...

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                                      1 min read

                                      Proud of our distinguished Blue Flag certification 2021-2022 🥇

                                      "Today, we are the first municipality, national level, to hoist a total of 39 Blue Flag awards in the 2021-2022 season. With this, our state remains in the first position in Mexico in owning these certifications and sustainable tourism ships" said ...

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                                      Cancun Sailing: first place worldwide with the largest number of Blue Flag certified ships

                                      2 min read

                                      Blue flag 2020: Cancun Sailing, largest number of certified boats worldwide

                                      Since our foundation, in Cancun Sailing we have recognized the importance of the marine ecosystem and we are highly aware of the problems that affect it. Promoting the protection of nature and the sustainable management of resources has been a commitment...

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                                      We proudly have the following certifications and volunteering
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                                      Isla Mujeres travel blog

                                      Get the best travel tips to visit Isla Mujeres and live a legendary experience.

                                      21 min read

                                      An insider's guide to Cancun Airport

                                      Traveling to the Mexican Caribbean is a whole experience. However, to get to this destination, you may have to go...

                                      9 min read

                                      All about Blue Flag certification

                                      How to get a Blue Flag certification? What are the criteria you must meet to get it? At Cancun Sailing, we are proud to...

                                      4 min read

                                      Dock and reef tax in Cancun Sailing

                                      If you bought a tour in the Mexican Caribbean, you likely have to pay a tax. You are not the only one! Find out how...