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Tikin Xic Fish: A Delicious Isla Mujeres Delicacy

3 min read

Tikin Xic Fish: A Delicious Isla Mujeres Delicacy to Savor

What is Tikin Xic? Tikin Xic fish (Tikin Xiic') is a typical dish of Yucatecan cuisine cooked mainly in the coastal areas of the Yucatan Peninsula....

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What to do in Cancun in 1 day

8 min read

1 Day in Cancun: Your Ultimate Guide to Adventure and Relaxation

Share: Have you arrived in Cancun and have little time to spare? Read on and explore our list of activities you can do in a single day in this...

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6 min read

Magical towns to visit in Mexico in 2021

Despite the situation in 2020, this year we have learned to value many everyday things we had taken for granted. Above all, last year helped us to...

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Exploring the 7 Magical Towns near Cancun

8 min read

Exploring the 7 Magical Towns near Cancun

Share: The Magical Towns (known as Pueblos Mágicos in Spanish) are full of color, beauty, tradition, and culture and help us to raise the value of...

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Isla Mujeres travel blog

Get the best travel tips to visit Isla Mujeres and live a legendary experience.

4 min read

Subaquatic Cancun: Exploring the aquatic wonders of the Caribbean

Cancun is Mexico's tourist destination par excellence and is well known for its paradisiacal beaches of fine white...
11 min read

7 Ideas for Celebrations in Cancun

Besides offering incredible nightlife and tropical wonders, you can enjoy various activities in Cancun to celebrate any...
6 min read

Itinerary and Travel Guide: 7 days in Cancun

Cancun is a dream destination in the Mexican Caribbean. Its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, electrifying...