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                                      Dock and reef tax in Cancun Sailing

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                                      If you bought a tour in the Mexican Caribbean, you likely have to pay a tax. You are not the only one! Find out how much you have to pay and what it is for.

                                      Dock and reef taxes in Cancun

                                      When you come to Mexico to spend your vacation, specifically in the Caribbean, you likely decide to do activities related to the sea, boats, or reefs. However, when you buy the tour, you notice that, on your bill, you are being charged a concept called "dock and reef tax".

                                      Don't worry! This is not a shady payment or a scam to take advantage of visitors. All official and established companies have to pay for it.

                                      What is the Dock and reef tax?

                                      These taxes are levied by the government on tourism businesses (and therefore on visitors to these businesses) and are mandatory. In short, these taxes are used to maintain our beaches, natural parks, reefs, and infrastructure such as docks and marinas in good condition.

                                      How much does the dock tax cost?

                                      The dock and reef tax are charged together and have a cost of $15 USD per person.

                                      Cancun sailing dock taxCancun Sailing Tour Invoice

                                      By paying these taxes, you can be sure that you are using the services of a company that cares about the care of marinas, docks, beaches, and reefs. Now, let's see in detail what each of these taxes consists of 👀.

                                      What is the Dock Tax?

                                      The dock tax is used to maintain harbors and beaches in good condition. The money collected with this tax goes towards maintaining the infrastructure of docks, marinas, and public areas on the beaches and creating preventive measures.

                                      Some tasks performed as a result of this tax include:

                                      • Repairs and preventive works in marinas and docks due to daily use and natural disasters such as hurricanes and storms.
                                      • Inspection of tour operators (or tour companies) to ensure that they comply with visitor safety and environmental standards and recommendations.
                                      • Construction of larger wastewater treatment plants to cope with a large number of tourists.

                                      Dock damaged by a hurricaneDock destroyed after the passage of a hurricane. Photo: La razón de México


                                      What is the reef tax?

                                      The reef tax purpose is to finance reef and beach conservation projects. The money collected from the reef tax goes, for the most part, to a Coastal Zone Integral Management Trust.

                                      Catamaran in reef

                                      What is the reef tax used for?

                                      The money from the reef tax goes to the trust fund, which in turn is used to purchase parametric insurance that will protect the reefs and beaches after damage caused by:

                                      Hurricanes and storms

                                      • Winds push the sea towards the land and carry the sand away. To deal with this, beach restoration work is required.
                                      • Coral reefs are damaged by having to withstand tidal pressure.

                                      Tourism impact

                                      It also serves for preventive measures such as:

                                      • Cultivation and care of corals.
                                      • Financing of scientific studies.
                                      • Construction of artificial islands for mooring boats to prevent them from colliding with the reef or damaging it with their anchors.

                                      biologists planting coralsCoral production and planting project by INAPESCA in the Mesoamerican Reef.

                                      Dock and reef taxes are collected by the government, this means that Cancun Sailing does not receive or keep this money.

                                      women snorkelling in reef

                                      So if you find this fee on your bill, you can rest assured that your money is going towards the good, beauty, and health of the marine ecosystem and the maintenance of the nautical facilities to enjoy this destination for many years to come.

                                      Dock and reef tax in Cancun Sailing

                                      If you bought a tour in the Mexican Caribbean, you likely have to pay a tax. You are not the only one! Find out how much you have to pay and what it...

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