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Cancun Sailing: Socially Responsible Company

Cancun Sailing Empresa Socialmente Responsable

This 2022, Cancun Sailing obtains the distinction of Socially Responsible Company (SRE by its acronym in Spanish) for the first year. Learn about the actions and standards that led us to get this important distinction.

On Friday, February 25, 2022, the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) published the list of companies that obtained the ESR 2022 distinction. This distinction represents a company's commitment to making positive contributions to its social, environmental, and corporate settings.

¿What is the ESR distinctive?

The ESR distinctive is a recognition given by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) to companies that meet the criteria in the following areas: Social responsibility management, quality of employees' lives, business ethics, links with the community and environment. The companies with this badge are recognized as Socially Responsible Companies.

Cancun Sailing Socially Responsible Company

The ESR Distinction was awarded for the first time in 2001, with only 17 companies on the list. Nowadays, according to Cemefi, a total of 2032 companies achieved it in 2021. This distinction lasts for one year, so annual audits are required to endorse it.


Cancun Sailing: Socially Responsible Company

After a joint effort from all the Cancun Sailing staff, 2022 has become the first year for the company to obtain the ESR distinction. To get it, ESR representative gathered evidence from the following five areas:


1.-Quality of life of employees

This indicator explains the actions a company takes to maintain a positive environment. Some of these actions are:

  • Offer valid communication channels so that employees can be heard.
  • To have benefit programs and activities to encourage employees.
  • Provide facilities, flexible schedules, and fair and humane solutions for employees.
  • Offer dignified and safe working conditions.

Cancun Sailing employees



This refers to the conduct that the company projects and demonstrates to society and the government. Some actions that support this area are:

  • Adapt to best practices such as transparency, fairness, and accountability.
  • Manage a clear and respectful code of conduct.
  • Establish strategies to prevent corruption, discrimination, illegality, and harm to human rights.
  • Ensure honesty, legality, and clarity in processes and transactions.

Signing The Code agreement against children sexual exploitation

Cancun Sailing authorities sign The Code, an agreement against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in Travel and Tourism.


3.-Community Engagement

It speaks of the relationship that the company has with society and the environment where is located. Some actions that support this area are:

  • Contribute to the social, environmental, and economic development of a sustainable society.
  • Establish dialogues and collaboration with social or community groups.
  • Generate actions to reduce inequality and strengthen social and human capital.
  • Promote cultural activities and respect local values and traditions.
  • Promote the development of new technologies and the dissemination of new knowledge.

Donations fron Cancun Sailing to Huellas de Pan

Donation delivery by Cancun Sailing staff to the Asociación Civil Huellas de Pan.

In Cancun Sailing, we generate alliances with a community dining room in Cancun, a nonprofit that helps indigenous communities, and a foster home. We also proudly wear a badge that indicates that we fight against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in Travel and Tourism.



Refers to the actions taken by the company to reduce its impact and even contribute to a positive change in the environment. Some actions are:

  • Having environmental protection areas or programs.
  • Use environmentally friendly products or inputs.
  • Take responsibility for the life cycle of the products and services offered and generate measures to distribute their impact.
  • Carry out participation and training programs on environmental issues.
  • Provide customers with clear information on the use and risks of products.

Beach Clean Up in Cancun

Cancun Sailing collaborators during a beach cleanup in Cancun.

 One of our priorities is to take care of the marine ecosystem. The sea is our economic and natural livelihood, and our job as locals is to create actions to reduce our environmental impact.

Some of our actions include constant monitoring of our boats to ensure that they do not pollute the sea, environmental education speeches to visitors during our tours, and training to employees as part of the Avante environmental education program, in addition to the affiliation to the Blue Flag program

Blue Flag Banner Blog - más sobre blue flag



5.-Social Responsibility Management

It focuses on the commitment and actions that the company carries out to maintain its status as a Socially Responsible Company, such as:

  • Guarantee the commitment to Social Responsibility.
  • Address social or environmental problems caused by its activities.
  • Protect the privacy of personnel.
  • Monitor social, ethical, and environmental issues relevant to target setting.
  • Establish Social Responsibility commitments

Children from Huellas de Pan

Children from Cancun living for the first time the experience of sailing in the Caribbean.

Through initiatives such as our Avante and Ventus programs at Cancun Sailing, we work every day to be a responsible company committed to our society and the environment.

Visit our Ethical Policy section on the top panel to learn more about our actions.

Cancun Sailing Empresa Socialmente Responsable

Cancun Sailing: Socially Responsible Company

This 2022, Cancun Sailing obtains the distinction of Socially Responsible Company (SRE by its acronym in Spanish) for the first year. Learn about the...

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