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Snorkel Tour in Cancun

Oct 22, 2020 5:26:52 PM

Live the best experience in Cancun!

Snorkeling is one of the main attractions in the Caribbean and you simply can't miss the chance to visit one of the most beautiful coral reefs in Mexico.

Cancun beaches are fascinating, full of breathtaking white sand and with  the perfect weather; the ideal place to go on a snorkel tour and admire the beautiful colorful fish that live in the coral reefs. If you love to have fun and a good adventure, then this tour is for you.

have fun snorkeling

You'll be able to enjoy a wonderful experience in our Cancun Sailing all-inclusive catamaran tour. Delight yourself with our open bar and enjoy some mexican dishes in a beach club in Isla Mujeres. We promise you'll have a blast!


Have fun aboard a catamaran sailing across the best beaches in Cancun and Isla Mujeres. Discover fascinating shades of blue and visit amazing places in Isla Mujeres.

reef options that you can visit on our snorkel tour

el meco


It's one of the most popular and beautiful reefs in Cancun, where you will be able to see a variety of coral, algae and different marine species. El Meco reef stand out due to its turquoise waters and soft white sand. The perfect place to snorkel.

el farito


The most astonishing reef in Mexico is located one kilometer way from Isla Mujeres and we are talking about a small lighthouse placed in the middle of a spectacular place where you can appreciate marine life.

In this reef you will be able to appreciate "la virgen del farito", a famous statue submerged in 1966 where coral has grown and many species have now called home.

the sunken ship


In 2005, during Hurricane Wilma, a C-58 minesweeper, General Anaya, broke down and unfortunately sunk down. It is now located 85 feet below the surface. Marine life such as fish, rays and turtles live around it and it's a popular spot for divers and of course, for snorkeling!

musa (underwater art museum)


An aquatic paradise that you can not miss on your visit to Cancun. MUSA holds more than 500 statues underwater scattered between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. It was created by Jason deCaires Taylor, a british sculptor whose project was focused on installing the sculptures strategically so that they would become artificial coral reefs and help preserve marine life.

Surprise yourself going on our snorkel tour and visit one of these amazing coral reefs.

Daniela Mendoza

Written by Daniela Mendoza