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Top 6 Underwater Activities in Cancun to Beat the Summer Heat

Top 6 Underwater Activities in Cancun to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is coming to Cancun, and temperatures are rising above 35° C. Too hot? Here are the best underwater activities to cool off.

It's an open secret that the jewel of Cancun has always been its stunning sea, and while there are many things to do on land, in the scorching summer months, the best way to beat the heat is to dive into the cool, refreshing waters.

We have handpicked six of the best underwater activities for you to explore. Discover what they entail and weigh the pros and cons to choose your favorite. So, keep reading and dive into the refreshing waters of Cancun. 👇


5.- Sea Trek

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If you're not confident in your swimming or diving abilities, Sea Trek is the perfect underwater adventure for you. All you need is a helmet connected to a floating oxygen source that provides fresh air as you explore the ocean floor and admire marine life. These walks typically last between 30 and 45 minutes and are suitable for anyone above 8 and taller than 1.20 meters. You can find Sea Trek at entertainment centers such as Xel-Há Park or Cancun Interactive Aquarium.


  • You can do it even if you don't know how to swim
  • It is ideal for those who don't feel comfortable swimming or diving.
  • The helmet allows you to breathe naturally.


  • This is only about walking underwater.
  • It is a bit expensive for the duration.


4. - Exploring the underwater museum through diving


The waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc are home to the mesmerizing MUSA (Underwater Art Museum in English), an underwater museum inaugurated in 2010. With a mission to promote environmental conservation, the museum features over 500 life-size sculptures crafted from non-polluting materials, providing a stunning yet sustainable underwater attraction. A must-visit for any art and nature lover!

The museum is divided into several areas suitable for snorkeling or diving, but the most impressive is La evolución silenciosa (The silent evolution) in Manchones, which has 473 sculptures. To appreciate them well, it will be necessary to descend between 8 and 10 meters deep.


  • Excellent for divers.
  • You will see the sculptures up close and learn about marine life conservation.
  • You will be able to explore the sea without impacting the health of the reefs.
  • Not only that, but you'll get great photographs.



3.- Swimming in a cenote


Cenotes, natural wonders formed by rainwater that trickles through the limestone bedrock, creating underground caves with pristine lakes, are one of the Yucatan Peninsula's most enchanting attractions. With more than 8000 cenotes of various shapes and sizes, many are open to visitors. The Cenotes Route in Puerto Morelos is a must-visit, featuring 60 cenotes offering a range of activities such as snorkeling, zip-lining, cycling, and horseback riding.

If you're up for an adventure, explore the underwater wonders of cenotes through snorkeling and scuba diving. However, to dive in these mystical caves, you must obtain a Cavern Diver certification, which will teach you the proper technique to navigate the intricate passageways.

Ranked third on our list is the exhilarating experience of swimming in a cenote; it's a perfect alternative if you want to explore more than just the beach. We highly recommend adding a cenote to your itinerary when visiting Cancun or the Riviera Maya.


  • The cold water of the cenotes goes very well with the summer heat.
  • There are no waves or tides.
  • Many cenotes offer additional activities.
  • Diving into a cenote will lead you to beautiful light and shadow scenery with subway rivers and stalactites (depending on the cenote you visit).


  • You need a car or take a tour to get to most cenotes.
  • A Cavern Diver certification is required to explore the most interesting cenotes.
  • Some are deep. Beware of phobias.


2.- Reef snorkeling in Cancun


Snorkeling in Cancun is a must-do activity due to its simplicity and popularity. The sea that links Cancun with Isla Mujeres provides ideal conditions for snorkeling, with crystal clear waters and excellent visibility. Moreover, there are numerous shallow reef areas to explore, making it an exciting and easy adventure.

Most boat tours include the snorkel in their itinerary, making it a convenient and easy option for those who want to explore the underwater wonders of Cancun. That's why we've ranked it second on our list of top underwater activities.


  • Perfect for children and adults.
  • No certifications or courses are required.
  • There are many shallow sites in the Mexican Caribbean for snorkeling.


  • Snorkeling in the open sea can be canceled due to weather, wind, or tides.
  • Encounters with marine species depend on the site and the season.


1.- Swim with Whale Sharks in Cancun

Foto del gran tiburón ballena

Swimming with whale sharks is a rare and unforgettable experience many people dream of. These giants are the largest fish in the world, making the encounter all the more magnificent. However, finding them can be challenging. Luckily, expert captains who know the sea like the back of their hand can guarantee an encounter, so don't worry and take the plunge!

Don't let the fact that whale sharks are part of the shark family scare you. They are perfectly safe to swim alongside and pose no threat to humans.

In the Mexican Caribbean, whale shark tours in Cancun operate from June to September and only depart from Cancun and Holbox. They last approximately 5 hours (plus the transfer from your hotel to the departure pier), and it is only possible to do it in groups of a maximum of 10 passengers per boat.

This is the number 1 activity of the top, as it is unique and limited, so if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate!



  • It is mandatory to know how to swim.
  • The boat trip can cause dizziness due to the tide and waves.
  • You will be on board for a long time, searching for sharks.
  • It is expensive (but worth every penny).

Immerse in the Caribbean!

The Mexican Caribbean offers a vast array of underwater adventures, making it hard to choose just one. That's why we've handpicked the top 6 activities to help you stay cool and refreshed this summer. Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and we'll be sure to get back to you.

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