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This is what a catamaran maintenance is like!

This is what a catamaran maintenance is like!

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of catamarans is crucial, and we, at Cancun Sailing, know just how to do it. Join us as we explore the steps to successful restoration and upkeep.

Ensuring the safety and comfort of our guests is of utmost importance, and proper boat maintenance plays a critical role in achieving this. In this blog post, we'll delve into the necessary steps for successful restoration and upkeep.

Here are the 3 main stages. Click on each one to go to each one.





It begins by identifying the boat that needs maintenance. Once we've determined the fortunate vessel that will receive a glamorous transformation ✨, here's what we do:

  • We temporarily take the boat out of service by issuing an announcement to all departments and removing it from the rental listings to ensure it is not booked.
  • Assess all areas that require repairs or improvements and estimate how long it will remain under maintenance.
  • Identify damages, dings, scratches and general wear and tear. Here we will include the mechanical part and the aesthetic part.
  • Dismantle the cabin. We remove the furniture, ornaments, carpets and electrical installations.
  • Move the boat to the shipyard.

Personal de Cancun Sailing evaluando la embarcación




The catamaran is transferred to the shipyard, where the maintenance process begins. This phase can take approximately two weeks.

A shipyard is an industrial facility where ships are built and repaired.

During its stay at the shipyard, the catamaran will go through several phases 👀👇.



The catamaran is carefully lifted and moved to the esplanade, where maintenance will be performed using a crane and two belts. This process can take up to 2 hours, as the vessels are quite heavy and require care and precision.

Crane carrying a ship from the sea to the shipyard



The boat's engine is like its heart, that's why we have to make sure to keep it beating well and in good shape. For this, we service the engines, the electrical system, the toilets and the hydraulic system. This includes overhauling, cleaning and repairing essential components to ensure optimum performance and safety on board.



Once the ship is positioned in the yard, the maintenance team begins with the main repairs:

  • mantenimiento del casco de un catamaránRemove bumps or dents from the surface of the boat.
  • Repair any scratches.
  • Sand to remove paint.
  • Apply a coat of primer.
  • Polish the surface.
  • Wash the boat.

All these repairs even cover the hull or the part of the ship that is submerged in the water.



Once we have completely leveled the surface, we proceed to apply an anti-slip coating in the most heavily trafficked areas to prevent slipping and ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

Next, the painting process begins. The maintenance experts apply masking tape to delimit the areas to be painted in different colors to give an excellent finish. Look how good it looks!

Catamarán antes de pintar


Old paint and dirt is scraped off the entire hull of the boat.

Catamarán después de pintar


The different paint colors, stickers, and final details are applied.



For the grand finale, it was time to make the catamaran shine. To make everything look great and be comfortable and functional, we renovated the upholstery, carpets, woodwork, signage and other details in the interior and exterior of the catamaran. Check out this before and after!


We would love to hear your thoughts on the maintenance of catamarans! It's crucial to keep these boats in good condition to ensure the safety and comfort of our crew and guests. And this is only of the things that show why Cancun Sailing catamarans are cool!

If you enjoyed reading this blog, please share your comments, questions, and opinions with us in the comments section below. We can't wait to hear from you! 👇


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