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Frequently Asked Questions About Cancun: Your Ultimate Guide

Frequently Asked Questions About Cancun: Your Ultimate Guide


🎙️ Frequently Asked Questions About Cancun: Your Ultimate Guide - Audio


Cancun is in our name and identity, so this time, we will answer the most frequently asked questions that visitors from around the world have about Cancun. Join us!

If you are planning your vacation, you probably opened your browser and typed all your doubts about the destination you want to travel to. After all, you will find answers to all your questions online. Right? Searching for information to plan your vacation can be a complicated task, especially if the destination you want to visit is small or far away from where you live. 


Fortunately, one of the things we enjoy the most as a Mexican company, specifically from Cancun, is helping visitors and tourists solve their doubts about this amazing vacation destination. Therefore, in this blog post, we will answer the frequently asked questions people ask about Cancun. Don't think too much! Read on, and you might find the answer you are looking for.

For your convenience, we have divided the questions into 4 sections.

✈️ Travel to Cancun


What is the best month to go to Cancun?

If we talk about weather, the best season is from February to June since the weather is not too hot and it is not rainy or hurricane season.

If we talk about money, you can travel in the low season from September to November.

And if we talk about events, you have different options:

  • Carnival in late February and early March.
  • Spring Break in March
  • Club Atlantis Cancun (LGBT) in April
  • Cancun JumpOff in May
  • Day of the Dead on November 1st and 2nd
  • Solfest and Cancun Jazz Festival in November


What is the cheapest month to go to Cancun?

Airfare and hotel nights are usually cheaper during the low season, from September to November.


How many days should you spend in Cancun?

Many travelers recommend spending approximately 10 days in Cancun to visit the beaches, archaeological sites, and other nearby destinations such as the Riviera Maya or the neighboring state of Yucatan.


When is the high season in Cancun?

In Cancun, there are 3 seasons with the highest influx of visitors:

  • Holy Week in April
  • Summer vacation in July and August
  • Winter vacations in December and January


How far is Cancun on a plane?

It depends on where you are coming from! Here are some examples:

From Cancun to:

United States


Central/South America


Other destinations:

New York: 4 hours

Los Angeles: 4 hours 40 minutes

San Francisco: 5 hours 25 minutes

Las Vegas: 6 hours

Chicago: 3 hours 40 minutes

Seattle: 5 hours 50 minutes

Miami: 1 hour 50 minutes

Toronto: 4 hours

Vancouver: 5 hours 55 minutes

Montreal: 4 hours 30 minutes

Quebec: 4 hours 40 minutes

Ottawa: 6 hours 15 minutes +

Calgary: 5 hours 30 minutes

Edmonton: 5 hours 40 minutes

Santiago: 8 hours 10 minutes

Buenos Aires: 9 hours

Lima: 5 hours 30 minutes

São Paulo: 10 hours 50 minutes

Bogota: 3 hours 45 minutes

La Paz: 9 hours 25 minutes

London: 10 hours 25 minutes

Rome: 14 hours +

Paris: 10 hours 45 minutes

Berlin: 13 hours 50 minutes +

Amsterdam: 11 hours 15 minutes

Madrid: 10 hours 15 minutes

Lisbon: 10 hours 10 minutes

Tokyo: 16 hours 15 minutes +

Bombay: 22 hours

Shanghai: 21 hours 20 minutes

Seoul: 17 hours 50 minutes

Dubai: 20 hours

Johannesburg: 20 hours 30 minutes


Do I need a passport to go to Cancun?

Since Cancun is located in Mexico, you need a passport to enter the country if you are not Mexican. If you are Mexican, you do not need a passport.


What do I need to fly to Cancun?

If you are traveling to Cancun as a tourist, you need:

  • Valid passport with at least six months validity.
  • Multiple immigration forms (you get it on the plane).
  • Departure ticket from Mexico.
  • Provide proof of the reason for your trip (with an itinerary or departure tickets from Mexico).
  • Visa, in case your country requires it to enter Mexico.

More information can be found on the Mexican Foreign Affairs website.


Is Cancun in Riviera Maya?

No, the Riviera Maya is a tourist area that follows Quintana Roo's coast from Puerto Morelos to Punta Allen. It is located 38 kilometers south of Cancun.



How to go from Cancun to the Riviera Maya?

There are several options:

  • Rent a car: You can drive along the Tulum highway to Puerto Morelos.
  • Private transportation: If you have a tour in any area of the Riviera Maya, you can hire a transportation service to take you there and pick you up.
  • Bus: The most popular bus company is ADO. You can buy your tickets on their website or at the terminal.
  • Taxi: A cab can take you, but you must be ready to pay an expensive fee.


How to get from the Cancun Airport to my hotel?

You can rent a car, hire transportation at the airport or through a website, or travel to the city by bus. Remember to take safe transportation service to avoid fraud.


What is Cancun Airport called?

It is known as Cancun International Airport, and its IATA code is CUN. To learn more about this airport, visit our blog Cancun Airport Guide.

🏖️Cancun as a Destination

Zona hotelera de Cancún-1

Is Cancun or Cabo better?

Cancun or Cabo San Lucas? Many people wonder which is the best beach destination in Mexico. Before explaining, we would like you to know that these are not the only destinations with beautiful beaches in Mexico. 👀

Some differences that exist between Cancun and Cabo San Lucas are:

  • Terrain: Cancun is flat, while Cabo is mountainous.
  • Exclusivity: Cancun has more hotels and more tourist activities than Cabo.
  • Exploration: Cabo is freer and invites you to move around to enjoy different activities. Cancun is the king of all-inclusive. Here you can relax in a hotel that includes everything in the spot.
  • Privacy: Los Cabos is the favorite place for celebrities to spend their vacations unnoticed. 
  • Mexicanity: Cabo offers a more Mexican ambiance than globalized Cancun.


Is Cancun in the United States?

No, Cancun is in Mexico.

mapa mundo  cancún-1-1


Where is Cancun Located?

Cancun is a city located in the state of Quintana Roo, in southeastern Mexico.


Why is Cancun so popular?

Cancun is a famous tropical paradise worldwide. Its main attractions are:

  • Aquamarine beaches with fine white sand.
  • Hotel zone with luxury hotels
  • Reefs
  • Aquatic activities
  • Mayan culture
  • Proximity to cenotes and jungles
  • Fun nightlife
  • It is a Mexican destination dedicated to tourism, and many people here speak English.
  • International airport
  • Lots of aquatic, cultural, and wellness activities.

Snorkel_el meco-1-1

Is Cancun expensive?

Cancun is expensive for the average domestic tourist. This type of traveler prefers to build their trip with economical options, such as moving around on their own to save on transportation or eating at local restaurants.

On the other hand, a tourist coming from a more affluent country may have access to an all-inclusive hotel or a more comfortable experience. See this RoadAffair article: Cancun, Mexico: How Expensive Is It Really?!?


Why do Americans go to Cancun?

Americans consider Cancun cheap, close, and safe. In addition, Cancun is a tourist destination par excellence, which means that many people in the city speak English.


Can you surf in Cancun?

Yes, you can surf in Cancun at a basic and intermediate level. Some recommended beaches for surfing in Cancun are Playa Chac Mool, Playa Marlin, and Playa Delfines. We are not surf specialists, but we know some guys who love bodyboarding and can give you more information about the waves in Cancun. 👀


Pet-Friendly places in Cancun

Is Cancun pet-friendly? Yes. You will find squares, parks, beaches, hotels, and pet-friendly activities in Cancun. Get more information about this topic in our blog post Cancun Sailing is now Pet Friendly!

🌴Culture and nature


Can you swim in Cancun in february?

Yes, you can swim at Cancun's beaches at any time of the year. The beaches are only closed during storms, hurricanes, or emergencies.


How is Cancun weather in december?

The temperature drops from 30° C - 35° C (86° F - 95° F) to 23°C - 27°C (73° F - 44°F). In addition, the destination fills up with visitors for winter vacations.

Remember, in Mexico, we use the metric system, so we use Celsius to measure temperature.


Is Cancun a Made-man Island?

We believe this question refers to Cancun's hotel zone. 

In the 1970s, when Cancun was built, the area that is now called the Cancun Hotel Zone was a natural island that was "joined" to the mainland by bridges. It is not an artificial island made of plastic or other material.


What is the culture like in Cancun?

Due to location, much of Cancun's ancient culture is based on the Mayan civilization. Many of the customs of the people from Cancun come from the neighboring state of Yucatan (for example, gastronomy, legends, and celebrations).

Today, downtown is a globalized (and somewhat gentrified) multicultural place with influences from all over Mexico and the world.


How much to tip in Cancun?

Tipping is optional in Cancun and Mexico, but it is also part of the etiquette of this country to tip waiters and operators who have provided a service that is to our liking. 

In restaurants, tipping can vary between 10%, 15% and 20% of the total consumption. 

Cuando se trata de actividades de poco tiempo, como un portero, maletero, servicio al cuarto o choferes, puedes dejar 1 o 2 dólares, por ejemplo. Mientras tanto, en tours y otras actividades que requieren más tiempo de atención al cliente, puedes dejar el equivalente al 10% del costo del tour. No se suele dar propina en sitios de comida rápida, pero siempre es bien recibida por los trabajadores.

If the service surpassed your expectations, you may tip whatever you like. There is no limit.


How to pronounce Cancun?

Cancún is pronounced: Kan-Koon

The accent on the letter u means that it is the stress syllable.


What is the brown stuff in Cancun beach?

This question is a bit confusing, but we think it is about a seaweed known as sargassum that sometimes piles up on the beach and can be a bit of a nuisance. 

If you want to learn more about this seaweed, visit our blog Sargassum Season in Cancun.


Cancun raccoon-like animal

south-american-coati-nasua-nasua-in-nature-2021-08-27-19-27-49-utc-1We believe the answer to this question is the coati or coatimundi. They are omnivorous mammals that inhabit the entire American continent. It is common to see them in large families, and they prowl the jungle areas near cities in search of food. They are also known as nasua, mundi or mishasho.


Cancun rat-like animal

serequeSome rodents are endemic to Mexico, but because of the geographic area, we think it is the sereque or agouti. This diurnal rodent lives in Central and South America, especially in burrows near the water. It is also known as zerete, agutí, guaquequeque, guatusa, ñeque, etc.


🛑Safety in Cancun


Is traveling to Cancun safe?

Cancun is an important tourist destination for Mexico, and the government invests its efforts in keeping it safe for tourists. Therefore, we can say that, compared to other destinations, Cancun is safe for tourists.


Are Cancun resorts safe?

In general, Cancun's hotel zone is constantly monitored by the authorities. In addition, the hotels have private security. If you follow the basic safety instructions, you will not have any problems.


Are Cancun taxis safe?

In general they are safe, but we recommend you to take the following measures:

If you take the cab on the street, check that the vehicle has a license plate and number. The driver must be in uniform and, inside the vehicle, must have his operating permit in sight.

In Cancun, you can take an official cab through the Didi application. There, you can check the driver's information and share your route with others.


Can you drink Cancun water?

You cannot drink tap water in Cancun. Unless your hotel has a filter and informs you that it is safe to drink tap water, we recommend you drink bottled water.

Want to know if Cancun is safe for tourists? Check our blog: Safety in Cancun, and find out all the details.

That's how we end this round of questions and answers about our favorite destination in the Caribbean! Do you have any questions, we love to hear from you! Leave your comment below, and we'll help you solve it.