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Insiders' guide to Cancun weather

Insiders' guide to Cancun weather

Are you going to travel to Cancun, but you are worried about the weather? We will answer the most frequently asked questions travelers look for before visiting this wonderful destination.

Cancun is one of the most popular sun and beach destinations wordly and, although the sun shines and the sky is blue most of the year, rain is also a crucial part of its nature. 

If you're planning your vacation, you'll want to avoid the rainy season and make the most of the sun. We agree with you. That's why today we will answer some questions tourists ask before traveling to Cancun and the Caribbean. Join us!


Cancun hotel zone

The weather in Cancun is not bad. What happens is that we are used to believing that the perfect climate in a beach destination consists of clear skies and lots of sunshine. 

The truth is that the main ecosystems in Cancun are jungle and mangroves, famous for their humidity and relationship with water (and rain 👀), meaning that rain in Cancun is more common than you imagine and could happen during your vacation.

Don't be discouraged! Read on and learn more about rain in this beautiful destination.

Wind and rain in Cancun


Beach with lounge chairs and cloudy skies about to rain

Rainfall in Cancun increases during the summer, between June and October. Outside this season, sporadic drizzle will fall. 

The weather in Cancun is very changeable, and to give you an idea, here are some examples:

  • In the mornings, the weather may feel cool and rainy, but when the sun rises high in the sky, you will enjoy clear weather.
  • It's a sunny day, and you may be walking down the street. Suddenly it will rain very hard for 15 minutes and then, it will be clear again.
  • In Cancun, it can rain in zones, so it is possible that if it rains in the city, it may not rain on the beach or vice versa.
  • Unlike large rainy metropolises (such as Tokyo or London), in Cancun, few people do not carry an umbrella. Just take shelter under a roof for a few minutes until the intensity gets down.
  • Many adventure parks in the jungle keep their doors open despite the rain.

During the rainy season, especially in September and October, the rains can last several days. If you are on vacation during that season, we recommend visiting indoor attractions (such as the Mayan Museum or the Interactive Aquarium) or adventure attractions (such as Selvatica and Rio Secreto).

Remember that even if it is not the rainy season, if cold fronts come in it is likely to rain.



rain clouds over the sea

Like the rainy season, the hurricane season in Cancun extends from June to October, when it is warmer.

The good side of a hurricane, unlike other natural disasters, is that its trajectory can be predicted days in advance, which gives the population time to prepare for its arrival.

An hurricane can last up to a week if we count the prevention and cleanup stage, the moment when the phenomenon makes landfall, and the repair and evaluation of damages. It all depends on the strength of the hurricane.

If you are a tourist in Cancun and you have to go through the (chaotic) experience of living through a hurricane during your vacation, we recommend you follow the instructions of your hotel and the authorities to minimize risks. Learn more about this topic in our post: How safe is Cancun for tourists?


CANCuN FLOODS?Raindrops on glass

As Cancun locals, we would like to say no, but the reality is that some streets in our beautiful Cancun tend to flood during heavy or prolonged rains. If you plan to move on your own during or after heavy rain, we recommend you ask the locals which streets to avoid so as not to damage your vehicle.



No, Cancun is not located in a seismic zone. There have been cases of earthquakes near the Caribbean islands (Cuba or Jamaica, for example) it is possible to feel them slightly in Quintana Roo.



Sargassum accumulated on a beach

The sargassum season in Cancun is between April and August. To learn all about sargassum in Cancun, visit our blog: Sargassum season in Cancun. Does it affect your vacation?



Naturally, the warmest season in Cancun is summer, from the end of June to the end of October. 

While most locals are used to the hot life in this city, tourists coming from cold places might have trouble coping with the high temperatures. We recommend you to follow the authorities' indications to avoid heat stroke and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.



December and January are the "coldest" months in Cancun. During this season, the temperature can drop as low as 25° C during the day and as low as 15° C at night. For tourists coming from cold places, these temperatures are comfortable and warm. For heat-adapted locals, it's time to get the sweaters out of the closet.


when is the best cancun weather?

Aerial view of the sunset in Cancun's hotel zone.

The best weather to travel to Cancun is between December and March. In these months, the heat and humidity are not so strong, and the rainy season has not yet begun. In addition, March is Spring Break in Cancun.



Deciding the best month to travel to Cancun depends on the type of traveler you are. Here is a summary.

  • January and February: The weather is cool, and the rainy season has not started yet.
  • March: Good weather, sunny and with little rain. Spring Break season in Cancun.
  • April: Good weather. Lots of local tourism for Easter Week.
  • May: The weather starts to get warmer.
  • June: Summer starts. It is hotter and starts raining sporadically.
  • July and August: Hot and humid with sporadic rains. A lot of tourism due to school vacations. Hurricane season begins.
  • September, October and November: Hot, humid and rainy. It is hurricane season. These are low season months and, therefore, more economical.
  • December: It starts to cool down, and there is still some rain. It is considered the beginning of high season due to the Christmas holidays.



Yes, you can enter the sea all year round, as long as the authorities allow it. Keep in mind that the water temperature is colder from December to February, approximately 25° C.


Are cancun weather forecasts accurate?

In general, yes, let us explain this point. If the forecast is for rain, it will almost certainly rain. However, we do not know if it will rain for a few minutes or several hours. Also, as it rains in Cancun by zones, it may rain in one part of the city.

In conclusion...

Women hanging out at Isla Mujeres North Beach

Don't let the rain discourage you! 

Many companies in the area that are dedicated to sailing or nature offer a guarantee of good weather or flexibility to reschedule your visit for another day.

There are also many indoor activities you can do in Cancun, especially if you are staying in a hotel.

Now you know the rainiest, coldest, and hottest dates in Cancun. We hope to see you soon and wish you a happy and sunny day in the Caribbean.

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