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                                      Guide to improve your snorkeling experience in Cancun Sailing

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                                      It is almost mandatory for Cancun and Riviera Maya tours to include snorkeling among their activities, and we are no exception. So today, we share with you our Cancun Sailing snorkeling guide, so you know the whole process to plan your trip with all the information you need.

                                      If you come to the Caribbean, it is a must to get into the beautiful waters of this blue sea, and one of the most exciting (and accessible) ways to do it is snorkeling. There are famous snorkeling sites in Cancun and Isla Mujeres, but to get there, you will probably have to arrive by boat.

                                      Catamaran sailing in Isla Mujeres reef

                                      During our catamaran tours and private charters you will see that snorkeling is included in the itinerary, so today we are going to tell you a little bit about how and where we do this activity. We will also share with you the safety rules and some suggestions so you can be prepared before you start.

                                      Before snorkeling

                                      We recommend that you arrive at the tour with your swimsuit already on and a towel*, as once the tour begins, you may not have time or space to change onboard.

                                      *If you are traveling onboard a Privilege Experience tour boat, we will provide you with towels.

                                      Cancun Sailing Privilege Experience

                                      Arriving at the snorkeling area

                                      Once arriving at the snorkeling area, the crew will identify the visitors who wish to do the activity and provide them with the equipment according to their size.

                                      🚫Since our priority is the care of the seas, we want to avoid damage to the reefs and everything that happens when you use sunscreen. That's why, from this moment on, wearing sunscreen is prohibited for those who will enter the sea.🚫


                                      Is it safe to snorkel at Cancun Sailing?: Snorkeling equipment

                                      For this activity during our tours, we will give you the option to use snorkeling equipment consisting of a mask, snorkel, life jacket, and fins. While the use of the equipment is optional, wearing the life jacket is mandatory at all times.

                                      Snorkel equipment in Cancun Sailing

                                      How to wear the snorkel equipment

                                      The crew will help the visitors put on the life jackets, which means they will have to adjust it to your body to check that it is correctly fitted. Remember the crew is respectful and will only touch you if it's strictly necessary and for safety reasons.

                                      ⚠️ Remember to put on your fins when entering the water. Walking on the deck with the fins can cause accidents. ⚠️


                                      Environmental Talks

                                      While the crew helps the visitors to adjust their snorkel equipment, the guide will start with the environmental talk. He will explain the importance of the reefs and marine ecosystems and the rules that must be followed to take care of the corals:

                                      • Do not touch corals
                                      • Swim carefully so as not to hit the corals with your fins.
                                      • Do not touch the fauna, much less take it out of the water.
                                      • Do not enter the water with sunscreen
                                      • Do not drop the snorkel tube into the sea.

                                      Cancun Sailing Avante Program

                                      To learn more about our actions to care for the marine ecosystem, visit our Blue Flag page and Avante program.

                                      Where to snorkel with Cancun Sailing?

                                      The reefs we visit during the Cancun Sailing tours are Manchones, El Farito, Sac Bajo, Barco Hundido, and El Meco.

                                      The reef to be visited is decided the same day according to the availability of the area, weather, and ocean currents. Private charters have the freedom to choose the site they wish to go snorkeling (weather and sea currents permitting).

                                      Woman swimming in the reef


                                      How long does the snorkeling at Cancun Sailing last?

                                      The snorkel at Cancun Sailing lasts approximately 30 minutes. The time depends on the sea currents and the reef you visit.

                                      Since this activity is done in the open sea, it can be difficult for some people. The duration is planned so that visitors do not get exhausted from the beginning of the tour and can continue with the rest of the activities.

                                      If you wish to spend more time at sea, you can use your free time in Isla Mujeres to visit Playa Norte and enjoy its crystal clear waters. There you will find restaurants and beach clubs serving the best island food.

                                      Aerial view of Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres


                                      After snorkeling

                                      When the snorkeling time is about to end:

                                      • Identify your catamaran: Sometimes other boats will stop to snorkel on the same reef. To avoid getting on the wrong boat, identify the name of your catamaran.
                                      • Pay attention to the crew's directions as they will help you get back to the boat.
                                      • Take off your fins, hand them to the crew and climb the stairs carefully. The crew will then help you remove the rest of your equipment.
                                      • From this point on, drinking alcohol and wearing sunscreen is allowed.

                                      ♻️The crew will ask you if you want to keep your snorkel as a souvenir, however, we recommend that you return it so that it can be properly recycled to avoid it ending up in the trash or in the sea.♻️

                                      Cancun Sailing snorkel tube found under the seaCancun Sailing snorkel tube found on the seabed 🤦

                                      Snorkeling tips

                                      • When putting on the mask, make sure there is no hair on your face to prevent water from seeping into the mask.
                                      • Clean your mask very well before entering the water, so you will have a better vision.
                                      • Get an underwater camera to get the best pictures (for example a GoPro to take underwater pictures).
                                      • Practice your breathing. Learn to breathe through your mouth in a calm way through the snorkel.
                                      • If you feel tired, that the activity is difficult or you feel cramps, let the crew know! They will be happy to help you.
                                      • To find out if it is advisable for you to snorkel during a Cancun Sailing tour, fill out our test!

                                      How do I know if I can snorkel during my tour?

                                      Snorkeling is a favorite activity for travelers visiting tropical destinations, so don't miss the opportunity to snorkel in the Caribbean Sea!

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