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Challenge your instincts by doing Spinnaker in Cancun

Challenge your instincts by doing Spinnaker in Cancun

It’s no secret that the main attractions of the beautiful Mexican Caribbean are the colors of its beaches and the tropical scenery worthy of photography. Looking at these landscapes from the ground becomes a unique experience. But how about looking at them from the sky?

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The most fun activity above the sea

In the main tourist centers of Southeast Mexico, such as Cancun or Isla Mujeres, some of the best-known activities are parasailing, known in Spanish as parachute and the Spinnaker.

What is a parachute?

Parachute is a famous activity in beach areas. It consists of a person, or a group of people attached to a parachute, who is lifted into the air, just above the water, with the help of a boat. The parachute is very stable, and the passengers have no control over the movement of their equipment, so they can only enjoy the view and feel the wind.


In the vast majority of tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean (such as Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, and Puerto Morelos), you'll find the parachute service as an independent tour, and usually, each operator has its schedules, routes, equipment, and prices. This can result in a one-time experience for the user during their trip.

Parachuting is a recreational activity not to be confused with extreme sports such as paragliding or skydiving.

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What is Spinnaker?

A swing over the sea, wind, and lots of fun

Originally, Spinnaker referred to a sail used by sport boats that allowed them to move when the wind blew from behind. However, in this case, we'll talk about something more fun. Spinnaker as an activity!

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While the parachute has a route and a set duration and depends on the speed of a boat to rise, the Spinnaker is a type of parachute held from the boat, which only requires the wind and the user's skill.

It will be you against the power of the sea wind, and if you lose, you will end up in the water, ready to try again. In short, it's a giant wind-powered swing that will lift you to 5 meters high and give you tons of fun. Try it with your friends and discover who is the best at mastering the Spinnaker!


You may wonder what the difference is between the parachute and the Spinnaker.

There are several differences between the two activities. The first is that during the Spinnaker, the boat doesn't move, or the movement is minimal, so the user can swim from the boat to the swing and back. The parachute, on the other hand, usually starts on land or in a dry spot. Once the user is ready to rise, the boat begins to sail at full speed to give the user altitude.

During the Spinnaker, users take turns getting on the swing. Once positioned, operators let the wind do its job and swing the user into the water. This activity is optional.


They are different activities for different types of users. If your thing is to admire the view, the parachute is your best option, but if you prefer to swing several meters above the sea to the rhythm of the wind, the Spinnaker is what you should try.


Safety first. Activities in Cancun.

It is important to mention that both activities must be done under the right weather conditions; that is to say, if the weather is bad or there is too much wind, your operator will likely decide to cancel the activities for your safety. We also recommend you listen carefully to the indications of the crew to know if you are fit to do them.


Where can I do Spinnaker in Cancun?

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The Spinnaker is an experience that is just starting to make inroads among the maritime activities in the Caribbean. Very few operators offer it, so if you are interested in trying it, the best and most accessible option to do it is during Cancun Sailing's Isla Mujeres tours: Isla Mujeres Sailing Experience and Isla Mujeres Plus Experience.

  • Enjoy both 7-hour Isla Mujeres tours and live an exciting experience. Sail the Caribbean Sea, visit the beautiful Isla Mujeres, enjoy an open bar, eat food at a fun beach club, and, weather permitting, Spinnaker on the way back to Cancun.
    In addition, our friendly crew and expert guides will take you to the best snorkeling sites and show you the wonders hidden in the blue waters of the Caribbean. From brightly colored fish to corals that help the survival of countless marine species.

Here are the Cancun Sailing boats on which you can enjoy this fun activity.


The Spinnaker can be taken on regular or private tours and is available virtually on our entire fleet. Celebrate your anniversary, wedding, or birthday, or only make new friends while swaying on our giant swing.

If you want to see all our boats, we recommend you visit our Fleet section to see them in detail. Also, if you have any questions about our tours, prices, and environmental education plans, remember to look at our website or contact us directly. We will happily take your call or email and make a quote for you.

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