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My tour was cancelled! Learn how to file a complaint in 4 simple steps

Cancun Sailing Customer Service

Sometimes not so pleasant situations can happen before or during your catamaran tour. Thus we will give you the tools to contact Cancun Sailing's Customer Service department and make the process easier.

In addition to learning how to efficiently file a complaint in 4 easy steps, in this guide, we will tell you the most frequent causes of tour cancellations. We will also explain what happens when you buy a tour through an agency and list the information you should have on hand to file a complaint.

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1.- Keep calm: Don't tell me to calm down 😡

Cancun Sailing Cancellations

We know that tour cancellation can ruin your vacation, but 90% of the time there is an important reason behind the cancellation that is out of the tour operator's control. The most common reasons why a tour or a service may be canceled are:

  • Bad weather: All authorized vessels follow the indications of the harbourmaster, the maritime authority that exercises the law in the ports. They analyze the weather conditions, and if they determine that the weather is bad, they will likely close the ports and cancel ship departures for safety reasons. Normally, we do not receive these announcements as far in advance as we would like (we are notified 1 or 2 days in advance), but they are necessary measures to avoid accidents.
  • Mechanical failure: Boats are machines that receive constant maintenance. However, as they operate every day and are exposed to harsh conditions such as saltwater, it is normal for them to fail from time to time. Cancellations due to mechanical failure are only made in case we are unable to repair or change the catamaran in time.
  • Accidents: They can happen, but we try to prevent them through the application of safety protocols and training of our collaborators. If an accident occurs during one of our tours, we may have to cancel the tour for safety reasons. We hope you understand that we will first attend to the emergency and follow up with other guests.

2.- Have all the information at hand: What do you mean you don't know who I am? 😒

Cancun Sailing Reservations

For sure, you are thinking, in addition to the fact that they gave you a bad experience on your vacation, they don't even know who you are. This doesn't mean that the company doesn't care about your case or that they are ignoring you.

In 2021, 12 million tourists from all over the world will arrive in Cancun, which means that the databases are full of names, and we have to take a moment to identify the right visitor (for example, we have a list of people who dropped their phones in the sea).

To expedite the process of filing a complaint, we will ask you for the following information: 

  • Gather all your booking information. Full name, tour date, and name of the boat you boarded. You can also try to get your reservation code (Booking ID) to save you all the steps above. When you purchase on the Cancun Sailing website, you will receive the key on your invoice: 

    Booking ID at Cancun Sailing
  • If you had a transportation issue, don't forget to tell us the hotel where you are staying, the meeting point, and the time your pick-up was scheduled.
  • Keep evidence such as purchase receipts, contracts, tickets, itineraries, and e-mails on hand. Check if you really agree with the terms and conditions of the service you are about to purchase.
  • Read the fine print. Whenever you buy a product, make sure you read everything you are signing and paying for.
  • Identify the person or company that sold you the tour, which brings us to our next point.

3.- Contact your salesperson: I was told to TALK TO the agency. 📞💢

Cancun sailing travel agency

Our tours are sold in many places. You can buy a Cancun Sailing catamaran tour directly on the website, but also through travel agencies, in tourism counters at hotels, in small agencies, and big online agencies.

This is the most important step of all. If you have any problems with your payment, reservation, or ticket, you should contact the person or company to whom you purchased the tour. That way, if a refund is necessary, the sellers who received your money will have to return it to you.

For example, if you purchased a vacation package with a travel agency (which includes a Cancun Sailing catamaran tour) and a problem occurs during the tour, call your travel agent. For your convenience, we will talk to the travel agency and come to an agreement. Also, remember that we cannot refund the money you paid to the agency.

4.- Use the right channels: I'm going to complain in Facebook comments. 🗯️

Cancun Sailing Complaints

If you have a problem with your service, do not complain on social media. Instead of leaving 87 comments on Facebook or inviting your friends (who did not go on the tour) to write a negative review on TripAdvisor, better contact the Guest Service Line for proper follow-up.

When you file a complaint with Guest Services, our team will contact you and ask you to explain your case in detail. You will have a safe space to tell us your story, which will allow us to solve your situation and, at the same time, improve our service.

At the end of your tour, you will receive a satisfaction survey in your email, don't forget to fill it out!

How to file a complaint in cancun sailing?💭

Teléfono Cancun Sailing

If you purchased your tour directly with Cancun Sailing, please contact us through the following channels:

  • Fill out the form located in our Help Center. You can check the ticket folio in your Customer Portal.
    Cancun Sailing Help Center
  • Cancun Sailing Customer Service email: help@cancunsailing.com
  • WhastApp 📱 Customer Service Cancun Sailing phone number: +52 1 998 306 1081

When sending an email, be sure to attach evidence such as proof of payment or photographs, as well as basic information about your tour (name, date, boat name, etc.).

These are some situations that you can solve together with Cancun Sailing's Guest Service Department.

  • Cancellations
  • Complaints about the crew, service, or food
  • Problems with transportation
  • Lost and found in marinas and catamarans.

For itinerary changes, questions and quotes, contact our online sales team.

If you purchased your tour with an agency, contact your vendor to see what options they can offer you. In most cases, you can find an email or phone number at the bottom of your itinerary or on your invoice.

This has been our guide to raising a complaint in Cancun Sailing, and it is just part of all the information we put in your hands so you can find out everything you need before, during, and after your catamaran tour.

Do you have any questions or comments? Leave a message 👇 or contact us through our social networks!

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