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Avoiding bad experiences: Cancun Sailing Catamaran Reviews

Avoiding bad experiences: Cancun Sailing Catamaran Reviews

A Caribbean catamaran tour may look great in your head, but very few dare to tell you the truth. Don't worry! This blog post will tell you everything that can go wrong during your Caribbean catamaran tour and how to prevent it.

Per month, we transport thousands of people on our boats, different countries, ages, cultures, and more; as you can imagine, we receive opinions about why, in some cases, it wasn't entirely satisfactory, so we have made a list of the most common Isla Mujeres tour problems that can ruin your experience and turn it into a real catastrophe, but we also tell you how to prevent them (so you can be prepared).

Let's divide the possible issues in a tour to Isla Mujeres into three phases: Pre-Sail, Sailing, and After-tour.

Before the Isla Mujeres tour

1. Make your reservation in doubtful places


The best way to ruin your catamaran experience from the very first step is to book your tour with an unauthorized seller or on the street/beach. These people often mislead buyers, selling tours at incredibly low prices that turn out completely different or become scams.

How do I know if I am being scammed when buying a tour?

  • Find out about the company you are going to buy from. Check their website and social networks and read what people say about them.
  • Don't book at the street or beach. We often receive cases from customers who buy their tours with an "agent" on the beach, and it turns out to be a scam. When they return to that person to ask for their money back, they never find him again.
  • Book on authorized sites. Don't give your money to strangers who could rip you off. A tour that is too cheap could end up being too expensive.
  • Research the company's sales channels. Many tour operators sell through platforms such as their website, social media, and hotel offices. Contact certified agents through digital or trusted channels.
  • Book catamaran tours at www.cancunsailing.com. Our online executives will happily assist you with our omnichannel (Website chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business).


2. Book without anticipation

Planning your trip at the last minute is a lot of fun! No, seriously. If you like to waste your money, shopping last minute is the way to go. Last-minute bookings are possible, but they also present many risks and drawbacks. For instance, if you book a last-minute catamaran, we probably won't be able to include food service since you must request it beforehand.


How to book a catamaran with Cancun Sailing?

  • Book early. This is the smartest move you can make. If you want to book a charter in Cancun, you must do it weeks or months in advance; for a shared tour with three days, we assure you that your catamaran will be ready with everything you need to set sail.
  • By the way, for shared tours here in Cancun Sailing, we have discounts for booking a tour to Isla Mujeres in advance.


3. Arrive late at the meeting point

Tardiness is a must-have quality in the art of screwing things up. Nothing annoys other people (and tour operators) more than someone late everywhere. Being late to the meeting will cause you to miss your transportation and jeopardize your catamaran experience, as you will either have to get to the marina on your own or reschedule your tour (which means -$ ). 


How to take transportation to the marina with Cancun Sailing?

  • Plan. Make a list of everything you need to bring to the tour. Include your ID and reservation confirmation in your list. Pack the night before to avoid arriving late at the transportation meeting point. You'll receive an email reminder a day before your tour with all the details by booking with us. For iPhone users, you will be able to add it to Apple Wallet or iCal.
  • Do you find it hard to get up early? If you are not an early bird, but you want to live a catamaran experience, our Isla Mujeres, Full Experience tour, has five different departure times: 8:30, 9:00, 11:30, 12:00, and 14:30 (so you can enjoy a crazy night in the Cancun's hotel zone).


4. Arrive at the check-in counter without your ID

Denying service to passengers without identification is our passion. Our guests deserve to receive the service they paid for, and we will not give it away to a stranger with no ID. We will always ask for identification to confirm the names of the guests and avoid mistakes and the presence of stowaways on board.



How to check in for my catamaran tour with Cancun Sailing?

  • Have your ID and reservation confirmation handy. In the previous point, we suggested you list what you will need. Follow that advice and ensure your ID and booking confirmation are handy to make the check-in process much easier.
  • Save time by paying online. Paperwork and payments are the most tedious part of a vacation, so we allow you to make all your payments online before embarking on your catamaran experience. Settle your reservation and pay your dock and sanitation surcharge in the link on the invoice sent to you by our sales executives.
  • Identifying yourself is important. Cancun Sailing is part of THE CODE network that fights against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents in Travel and Tourism. By identifying our customers during check-in, we also help identify cases of sexual exploitation and save victims of this industry that harms people and tourist destinations.

If you've made it this far, you've reached the catamaran and are ready to get on board. Let's see how to turn your catamaran trip into a disaster!


What factors can affect the enjoyment of your tour of Isla Mujeres?

1. Wear expensive shoes

You cannot board the catamaran with shoes for the following reasons: To avoid damaging the deck and the trampolines (nets) of the boat, to avoid slipping, and to prevent the shoes from falling into the sea. That is why we will ask you to remove them and leave them in a container. So, if you plan to wear those $2,000 Nike Dior tennis shoes, think twice or even three times.


What kind of shoes should I wear on a catamaran tour?

  • Wear appropriate footwear: All shoes will be stored in a container (yes, one on top of the other; we don't discriminate against them), so we recommend wearing flip-flops, sandals, or shoes that can get wet, crush under other shoes or even fill with sand.

2. Leave your personal belongings unattended during the tour

If you no longer like your smartphone and want to get rid of it, the solution is to take pictures and selfies on the ship's edge. If you succeed, it will fall into the water, and you'll be ready to buy a new phone. On a serious note, another risk is that your stuff could disappear if you leave it exposed. Remember that our crew and up to 100 other guests are on board the shared tours.



To avoid having my belongings stolen during a tour:

  • Don't put your phone at risk. We know that the Caribbean Sea we sail in is simply beautiful and photo-worthy, but taking your phone out and bringing it close to the gunwale to get a picture is a risky move. You can use the professional photo service offered onboard to avoid a mishap.
  • Keep your belongings in order: Keep your things together and organized inside your bag or backpack, and make sure you keep everything you carry with you very well. Do not carry expensive or fragile objects that can be lost or broken, as the company is not responsible. As tourists, we usually relax security, and although it is a safe place and our staff is honest, remember that if you are traveling on a shared tour, don't neglect your belongings.


3. Enter the water without knowing how to swim... and without a life jacket?

It may sound brave, but it is very dangerous. At Cancun Sailing, our visitors must wear a life jacket to participate in snorkeling. Remember that snorkeling is a calm activity in the open sea, and many underestimate the strength of the currents and the effort involved in swimming.


How can you avoid accidents at sea?

  • Follow the crew's instructions: Reef snorkeling requires you to swim for approximately 25 minutes and be able to dive into the water and climb up the stern ladder, so we recommend you avoid this activity if:
    • You don't know how to swim.
    • You do not want to do it.
    • You suffer from cardiovascular problems.
    • You are not fit enough to swim for 30 minutes straight.
  • Splash around near the catamaran: If you want to cool off in the water but don't feel like swimming in the reef, you can swim near the catamaran's ladder for a few minutes and come back on board as soon as you get tired.


4. Drink to excess, heck yeah!

We love to party too, but what we don't think is a good idea (and neither do the other guests) is having to deal with people who can't control themselves with alcohol. Excessive drinking is dangerous in any environment, especially if you are traveling aboard a boat with other people. Those who abuse alcohol consumption could damage boats or cause accidents that could even be fatal.


How can you enjoy yourself without drinking so much alcohol?

  • Enjoy your surroundings: You don't need to drink so much to have an amazing day sailing the Caribbean Sea. Be responsible and take care of others and yourself.
  • Drink and enjoy as you like: Yes, you can! During a private catamaran charter, you can enjoy your experience with your closest friends in a private and safer environment. You may add drinks and food to your private catamaran reservation.


5. Get mad because the weather ruined your experience

If you travel to Cancun, especially in the last months of the year (September, October, and November), it will likely rain during your visit. Rain is so unpredictable that it can last as little as 5 minutes, even if the weather app says it will rain all day.


What should I do if it rains on the day of my tour?

  • Follow our instructions (since we are following the Harbourmaster's instructions). The Harbourmaster of Quintana Roo has the last word. They are the ones in charge of deciding whether or not the boats can set sail.
  • Cancellation Policy: Check our Terms and Conditions section for detailed policies on changes and cancellations on your reservation.


6. Complain about the food

Some of our catamaran tours include buffet meals in a beach club (which is on this topic where most of our customer's complaints come from). What we can say about this is that "food is like art, it varies depending on the diner's taste".


What to do if I don't like the food on the tour?

  • Eating on Isla Mujeres: If buffet food is not your favorite, our Isla Mujeres Full Experience tour includes food onboard the catamaran and free time on the island. You can enjoy lunch on board and then eat on Isla Mujeres or go bar crawling (which is also a great idea; we recommend reserving at IXI Beach).

Since you have read this post up to this point, we suggest you book our Isla Mujeres Full Experience tour, which has everything. This activity includes:

  • Five different departure times from two different marinas (so you can choose the one closest to your hotel).
  • Round trip ground transportation from your hotel or meeting point.
  • Dock and sanitation surcharge.
  • Catamaran sail from Cancun to Isla Mujeres.
  • Snorkel in the reef with new equipment.
  • Food on board.
  • Premium open bar.
  • One hour of open bar at IXI Beach located in Playa Norte.
  • Free time in Isla Mujeres (2.5 hours approx).
  • City Tour in Isla Mujeres.


Cancun Sailing negative reviews and opinions!!!

We want you to know the worst things that could happen on a catamaran tour and the worst things that have happened during our tours. We have listed some complaints and negative opinions of Cancun Sailing that our users have had, as well as a transparent explanation so they don't happen to you.


“My phone was stolen on board💢.”

Unfortunately, theft of belongings is a risk that can happen in any tourist activity, especially if you take the tour with other passengers. Minimize this risk by avoiding bringing valuables on the tour and keeping what you carry. Most thefts or losses occur because passengers leave their bags open and their belongings scattered and unattended.


“Very little snorkeling time 😠”.

Can you swim for 30 minutes without stopping? Really? The snorkel swim is in the open ocean, and the currents make it challenging for some. The time for snorkeling is planned so that it doesn't become an exhaustive activity, and you can continue with the tour. If you want to continue enjoying the sea, you can visit the beach in Isla Mujeres in your free time. During a private tour, in addition to your snorkeling time, you can swim at Playa Norte, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


“I was left in Isla Mujeres 😡”.

During our tours you have the option to visit Isla Mujeres for approximately 2 hours, this means that you are free to go wherever you wish within the time range. In general, all guests return responsibly to the dock at the assigned time, but sometimes one or two passengers take too long to arrive, and it is no longer possible to wait for them. We would rather miss two guests than disappoint the other 78.

If you wish more free time, our Isla Mujeres Full Experience tour offers you 2:30 hours of free time on Isla Mujeres, more than our other options.


“The ship was crowded” 🤬, “The music is very vulgar”.

Sharing a boat with other guests has its good and bad sides. If you like to party, dance, and meet new people, you will most likely enjoy our Plus Experience Tour. Another option is our Privilege Experience Tour, our most luxurious tour. On the other hand, if you want to create your own experience, you can book a private catamaran where you can play the music of your choice.


“It was sold to me as a luxury experience, but it wasn't 🗯️.”

As any tour operator at Cancun Sailing, we have different options for all guests' profiles. We have more economical options (without transportation) and an all-inclusive tour, a VIP tour, and a private catamaran rental.

We recommend you consciously check what you are buying, as there are resellers or unauthorized tour operators that promise the client amenities and activities that are not included.

“Awful, it was raining” 🌧️

🐠 "I couldn't see any fish"

"The water was too cold" ❄️

Yes, it may seem unbelievable, but we receive these kinds of negative reviews from our visitors, and we can do nothing to fix them. We are good but cannot be God; these are our day-to-day frustrations.


We want to know what you liked and what you didn't like. This will help us improve our services so that you get what you are looking for. Our Guest Services department is always attentive to all the comments we receive and provides personalized attention to any questions you may have.


Remember that you have different tools available to communicate with us, for example:

  • Satisfaction survey: When you finish the tour, a survey will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • Guest service: You can send us your suggestions and complaints to the email help@cancunsailing.com 
  • Information on the website: Visit our website for all the information about our tours, catamaran rentals from Cancun, and Isla Mujeres.
  • Contact our agents: They will gladly assist you through our social networks and website.

We hope we didn't scare you, but it is always better to be honest with our clients. And remember, all these circumstances can be avoided if you consider them. For any other doubt, we have a Help Center with the most frequently asked questions to help you make the best decision.

We are available on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, by phone 998 283 1812, and through our executives online on our Website.

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